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C.T. College is a unit of Dhanuka's Intellectual Society for Higher Academia (DISHA), A registered society under Registration of Societies Act XXI of 1860
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Rules and Regulations


  • 80% and above = Regular
  • Between 70% & 79% – Non – Collegiate
  • Below 70% – Discollegiate.
  • Students should give proper justification for being temporarily absent from their classes and if the need so arises must produce tangible evidence for the cause of absence.
  • Half-day leave will be granted only if the guardian comes to the college to seek permission.
  • In case a student is unable to complete an assignment or take a test due to unforeseen circumstances the matter must be brought to the notice of the Principal immediately.
  • The college Authority reserves the right to strike off the names of irregular/defaulter students for long and unauthorized absence/default.
  • Classes commences form 8.15 a.m. student are to report 10 minutes before time.
  • Every student must maintain the values and ideals of the college and no one will be allowed to tarnish the image.
  • Discipline must be maintained in the college by the students. Any kind of breach of discipline will be severely dealt with.
  • Any damage to the college property must be compensated along with fines that would be imposed by the college authority.
  • The decision of the Principal in all matters will be final.
  • Student must come to the college in full uniform.
  • Mobile and other such electronic gadgets will not be permitted inside the College campus. Detection of any will lead to seizure of the same which will not be returned.
  • It is mandatory for students not to loiter about in the streets, markets or any other places in College Uniform.
  • Use of Tobacco-related products or any intoxication substances are strictly banned in the College Campus. Student found Chewing Pan, Gutka, Gum etc shall be fined Rs 500/- instantly and proper action will be taken.
  • Students are responsible for their personnel belongings.
  • Attendance in all class/Unit/final examination is compulsory.

The transfer certificate for leaving College will be issued only under unavoidable condition and after clearance of all dues Rs.500/-only will be charged for issuing the certificate .The application for the same must be countersigned by the parents/guardian.

A student remaining absent without any information will forfeit his/her seat without any prior notice.

  • Parents should take care to sign the class/unit/final examination report card/answer scripts which will be forwarded to them from time to time through their wards.
  • Parents should spare the time to attend the parent-teacher meetings or any other meetings convened by the College authority.
  • Parents will be informed about the progress of their wards from time to time.
  • The College would appreciate feedbacks, suggestions if any from parents/guardians.
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